domingo, 8 de abril de 2018

Online shopping


You know how much i like to buy online so when i find a new store i like to share it with you.
In this case the page is call Berry Look and you can find all kind os clothes but i can say that is a cheap women's clothing shop.

1. Bag (here)
2. jacket (here)
3. Blouse (here)
4. Sandals (here)

I have been taking a look and I liked their clothes as well as their accessories but you know that for the summer I like to wear dresses for comfort so I have gone to the section cheap dresses for woman and i have fallen in love with a few.

1. Green Dress (here)
2. Printed dress (here)
3. Dots dress (here)
4. Black & white dress (here)

Do you know this page?
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